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Contact Randy: 413-687-5568

Ideal Support Group

Presented By: Rev. Dr. Randy Wilburn

Trained Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist

"It is not easy.  As one losing weight with the Ideal Program, I know it is not easy. I am grateful for the support given me by Stephanie and Jeanette, and my family.

We need each other to make this journey. You are invited to be a part of a Support Group. We will meet for six weeks, Thursdays, 4pm-5pm. You can decide if you wish to continue or not.


I have been doing addiction recovery, family therapy, and psychotherapy for over 30 years. Trained as a Clinical Psychologist and Family Therapist, I bring skills which facilitate listening, self-discovery, affirmation, and hope for those struggling with self-defeating behavior and a sense of failure to maintain health."

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