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Health Changes with Weight Loss

Meet Mr. Nasicmento of Ludlow

He started his Ideal Protein journey with us in October 2016 after his doctor threatened him with having to go on insulin shots if he didn’t get his sugar under control. Frightened by the word "obese" and seeking a lifestyle change, he found himself on the Ideal Protein Protocol soon after.

In just 3 short months, his health began to transform...

  • He lose 22 pounds & 10 inches

  • His labs improved;

  • ACI dropped from 8.3% to 6.4%

  • Triglycerides reduced from 155 to 134

  • HDL increased from 47 to 54

  • Insulin is no longer needed

  • He significantly improved his cardiac risk

Not only is his Doctor ecstatic, but his friends and family are too! Mr. Nascimento is not done yet, rejuvenated by his new found waistline and abounding energy, he has dedicated himself to the lifestyle change and looks forward to continuing his journey towards health and happiness!

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